Words – no. 1

I’d like to think it an original thought,
but I’m sure it’s something you once told me.
watching a meteorite connect two stars
just like a simple and nostalgic art.

only making dots leaves us without a bigger picture,
something self reflexive to tie it all together.

sabotage is the only success
that is forgotten along with failure.

we go all night telling stories that don’t have answers.
never bringing up the fear that our questions don’t have endings.
separation anxiety isn’t what’s been killing me,
it’s been the thought of the final dot,
connecting Point “A” to “B.”

somewhere before you face the end
there’s a moment when you can see it.
although your hands have been steady so far
you know it’s your last chance to leave it.
this unassuming glimpse seems worse
than arriving at the solution,
don’t dare convince yourself that things
are better left as questions.

sabotage is the only success
that is forgotten along with failure

…and also this thought, maybe mine, I don’t know,
since we’ve talked so much about directions we wouldn’t/didn’t go.
again never mentioning the fact of the matter
that only 2 dots are actually connected together.
if there is one thing I want credit for,
it’s that I know you have it in you.
even things you try not to finish
are more than I’ll ever amount to.

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